Friday, January 27, 2012

Tortilla - Homemade

I must admit, I love recipes that don’t have too many ingredients!   You know, the ones where you most likely have everything already on hand and can whip it up in a pinch? Those are the ones I like! Here is a tortilla recipe that is just that!

2          Cups    Flour
½         tsp        Salt
2          Tbsp    Olive Oil
½         Cup      Warm Water

1.                  Mix together the flour and salt in a medium size bowl.
2.                  Add olive oil and water and mix until it’s well combined.

3.                  Place dough onto floured surface.

4.                  Knead for about 3 minutes.  Once it looks like this, let it rest for 15 minutes

5.                  Roll the dough into a log like shape.

6.                  Cut into 8 equal parts.  (This part can vary.  It all depends on what size you will want your tortillas to be.  Cut fewer parts for bigger tortillas or more parts for smaller ones.)

7.                  Shape them into little balls.

8.                  With a rolling pin, roll the ball into a round tortilla shape.  Make sure they are rolled VERY thin. 
TIP: If you don’t have a rolling pin, don’t worry!  I used a regular drinking glass before I had a rolling pin, it works just as good.

9.                  If you prefer you can roll them all out at once and then cook.  I prefer to roll them out one at a time and cook them.  (Once I cook one, I place it on a plate with a towel over to keep warm).  Either way, heat a non stick skillet over medium heat.

10.                  Once heated, place your tortilla onto the dry skillet and fry for about 30 seconds on each side (longer if you like them a little crispier).  You will know they are ready to be flipped when they start to bubble.

11.                  Flip, and cook on this side for another 30 seconds

 And there you should have a homemade tortilla!



  1. Dinner tonight :) Breakfast burritos in homemade tortilla's. yep, i have fresh cilantro.