The Big ONE first year birthday theme party! Elk Head ~ Rustic ~ My Baby Boy is The Big ONE today! Danner's First Birthday

I can't believe it! My baby boy is 1 today!

Everyone said the year would fly and boy how it did!  I love looking back at all his firsts throughout the year!
First Day - 11 Months

First day, First bath, First trip to the beach, First Halloween, First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First St Patty's Day, First Easter, First Forth of July and One Year Old! There were so many other ones too, I just love taking pictures of him! :)

We celebrated his birthday a couple days early this weekend:

We did "The Big One" theme with deer / elk heads instead of fish :).

The colors were baby blue, brown, and white :)

My wonderful sweet husband picked me up these wood letters from Joann Fabrics and I painted them baby blue and added the deer / elk head image all over! 

I've been saving soup / bean tin cans hoping to find a use and here we go!  Washed, label removed, scrap piece of burlap glued on with a blue lace ribbon wrapped around an elk head image. 

We covered all the tables with dark brown burlap that we got for 50% off at and also got the white crates there at a different time for $9.99 with an additional 20% off your total purchase coupon.  I love these crates for so many things! :)  The candy jars were from the $1 store and the candy was from  I just layered the blue and the grey candy,  The wood letters were from and painted with a blue paint from this set of paints.  The wood crate holding the 1 and the elk head logos can be found at

Here is the backside of the table.  The metal tins can be found on  The larger tins are 12" and can be found here.  The smaller one is 6" and can be found here.

Here are some close ups

For snacks we did Pistachios (from Costco), 

Pub mix (from Costco),

Peanuts (from Costco),

and Pretzels (from Costco).

For the drink bar we used another cute wood berry crate from to hold all the drink glasses (Starbucks bottles that have been washed and labels removed).  The drinks were water bottles in a 15" tub from amazon and blue hawaiin punch in my glass pitcher :).

Straws can be found here.

We did a popcorn bar :)

I made him a I am 1 banner for his highchair


After :)

We had a cake for everyone else :).  It didn't turn out exactly like I was envisioning but it worked :)

And then Mason Jar Thank You Gifts for everyone to take home :)

There were a few bumps along the way but overall everything turned out AMAZING and I couldn't have asked for a better day for his 1st birthday!  


  1. So adorable photos. I am just a big fan of this color scheme. Even our engagement bash also had this theme. We got engaged recently at some outdoor LA venues and hosted a DIY family party which turned out to be extremely enjoyable.


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