Friday, January 27, 2012

Thousand Island Dressing – Homemade

Again, super easy recipe! So easy, you probably have all these ingredients already in your home! This made a good size batch, in my opinion (Way more than the tiny size I pictured below).  It was more than enough for my Homeless Rueben, listed below. 
½     C      Mayonnaise
½     C      Ketchup
1      Tsp   Worchester Sauce
½     Tbsp Sugar
1/8    C     Relish (I think you are suppose to use sweet relish but all I had was very little dill relish, so that’s what I used.)
Combine all ingredients into a small bowl.  Stir well.
I used mine right away but it would probably help to let it sit, covered, in the fridge for several hours before using.

Homeless Rueben
I bought a HUGE container of sauerkraut at Costco the other day and I am the only one in the family who will touch it.  I was craving it last night but couldn’t figure out what I had lying around to put it on.  Then it dawned on me, RUEBEN!! But we didn’t have any of the typical ingredients to make a Rueben.  So here is my homeless version.
Piece of bread, toasted
Thousand Island dressing listed above

I toasted a piece of Daves Killer Bread, cut it in half, spread some homemade dressing on,
added sauerkraut to one half,
topped with the other half and ...
... TA DA! Homeless Rueben!

Maybe next time I will try a traditional one and actually have rye bread, corned beef, and Swiss cheese! But for a quick fix, this worked just fine!

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