Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mocha - Homemade

Ok, I love me my mochas! I have decided though that my pocket book would like them a lot more if I started making my own!  

Homemade Mocha Recipe
     6         oz     Trader Joes Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 
     1 1/2   C     1% Milk
     1/3      C     Organic Sugar
     2         C     Coffee (I brewed 4 Cups in my coffee pot to get 2 actual CupsJ)
     1        tsp     Trader Joes Vanilla Extract

     1.     Heat the milk and chocolate chips on medium-high heat stirring frequently until chocolate chips melt completely.
     2.     Add sugar and salt and bring to a boil.  Once boiling, turn heat to low and simmer for about 5 minutes stirring constantly.
     3.     Stir in vanilla and coffee
     4.     In a blender, blend on HIGH for 1 Minute.
     5.     Enjoy! 

*This is a VERY sweet mocha!  You can tweak it anyway you want if you don’t want it that sweet and you can always change the milk to what you prefer, add heavy or light cream, or a whip topping... Or anything else! Play with it! :) I drank 1/2 the batch hot and then stored the rest in the fridge and drank the other 1/2 cold the next day :).  I think I prefer it hot but it wasn’t bad cold either :).

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