Friday, January 13, 2012

Indoor Winter Herb Garden

 Is it possible?!
I don’t know….. but there is one thing I do know …. They have started sprouting!! In the past I have not had a green thumb, it would be the hardiest of plant and I would manage to kill it.  Horrible right?! I have only recently (within the past year) been trying to "grow" one (a green thumb that isJ).  Last year my wonderful hubby built us a small garden bed on the side of our small condo.  We planted a very little, yet shockingly successful, garden!
My oldest step son and myself hard at work
This year we will be house-sitting for the hubby's parents while looking for a bigger HOUSE (yes house!!! … 828sq ft …..2 bed …. 1 bath….. is NOT big enough for 4 people and a dog).  Yet we have made it work for the past 3 years.  I am hoping with a new place will come a new bigger garden!  And during this whole process I am hoping to maintain a garden ... somewhereJ.  Anyways… back to the project ….
I’m thinking….So far so good!   
From left to right we have: Chives, Basil, Parsley (that’s really taking off!) and Green Onion.  The chives and basil have sprouted, but they are so little the camera had a hard time picking them up …. If you look close… they are really there! J Now, I have heard that it’s not the sprouting part that I need to worry about, it’s the growing nice and luscious herbs that might be a problem…. Any ideas???



  1. Do you have a spray bottle? You can give them a light misting throughout the day. Cuts down on the amount of water the roots need. The next obsticle is finding a way to make sure your soil is full of nutrients without adding harmful chemicals.
    Hopefully they are somewhere where they get lots of natural light, I had some plants I was willing to move in and and out and then leave out as the weather gets nicer.

    1. The spray bottle is a great idea, thank you! They are getting lots of natural light, the parsley is doing great, the basil is doing ok, but the other 2 didn't make it :(. Any suggestions on the soil?