Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magnetic Makeup Frame Tutorial

So my new internet love is!  I love love LOVE this website!  So many things to look at, I just can't get enough!  Our neighbor introduced me to pinterest and also found this make-up magnet board idea.  Seriously LOVE!  Over the weekend we each made one, I took pictures along the way for a tutorial... 
Supplies Needed:
Picture Frame
Sheet of Metal
Mod Podge
Tin Cans
Paint & Brush
Hot Glue Gun

1.                  Disassemble your frame.  The back of the frame is not pictured here but you will need it for step 2

2.                  Use the back of the frame as a template for your metal. Use a marker to trace the outline and then cut.

3.                  Make sure your metal sheet fits into your picture frame before moving on.  If you need to adjust the size to make it fit, now is the time.

4.                  Cut your fabric a little bigger than your metal sheet.
5.                  Mod podge your metal.  I used a really thin layer over the entire sheet as I did not want the glue to seep through the fabric. 

6.                  After you have covered the one side with mod podge, flip it over onto your fabric and smooth it out (forgot to picture this, sorry).  Now turn it back over and cut the corners of the fabric.  This will help make it easier when you fold the sides over.
7.                  Apply mod podge to the edge of the metal, fold the fabric over, and smooth it out.

8.                  Here is the frame once you have everything put back together!
9.                  Now, plug in your hot glue gun, grab your makeup, and start attaching your magnets to your makeup!
Sorry about the blurry magnet and makeup, you get the idea right?! I attached the magnet to the top of these containers so I could see the colors when I hung them up.  It will also make it easier for when I run out.  I can just switch tops from the old to the newJ.

Here is before...
And After!

I am really excited about this!  I already have more projects running through my head!  I have decided I need to get more fabric and make blinds for our window! Possibly even add some other little projects to tie in the fabric throughout the bathroom!   


  1. Looks great! Glad you were inspired!

  2. Love this idea but I was wondering where did you buy the piece of metal?

    1. Most any hardware store should carry the sheet metal. I bought mine at Ace Hardware and I think it was around $10-$15. I didn’t have anything to cut it to size so I also picked up a pair of tin snips. They had a couple different options from $5-$10. I hope that helps :)

  3. This is so cool! I was wondering tho, how did you cut the tin cans and put them on the metal sheet?