Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Congrats Grad!

I am so proud of my oldest step son! He graduated high school! Congratulations Dillion! 

We celebrated him this past weekend and I had such a blast going through old photos and looking at how much he has grown! I am so excited to watch him grow in this next adventure in his life!


 I hope you enjoyed it Dillion!


I wanted to share what we did to give him his graduation money and the story behind it.  I was putting this pizza money gift box together the night before his party.  I walked away to go get some tape and come back and noticed he was headed to the pizza box! He asked "why is there a pizza box on your bed?!" I yelled at him to STOP! DON'T OPEN IT! Obviously he didn't listen and opened the box and ruined the surprise lol.  So we decided to add it to the food table as decoration since he had already seen it :).

I have to toot my mom and dad's horn a little here too.  They came up with an amazing way to give him his money! I am so glad I come from a crafty family!! My dad came up with the idea to give him money in empty shot gun shells and my mom executed the idea amazingly! 

Love ya Dillion! :)

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