Saturday, September 24, 2016

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Aww Halloween ......

Ever since I can remember my parents always had a pumpkin carving party around Halloween.  We would get together with a bunch of family and friends, eat food, carve pumpkins and line the driveway with carved pumpkins! My fondest memory is when we lined the driveway and deck with almost 100 carved pumpkins!  When my mom decided one year she wasn't up for throwing a pumpkin carving party by brother and I were devastated.  After a bit of talking we said no problem mom, we will throw the party!  The thought of not having one was just not an option for us.  So we carried on the party and each year it has gone smoother and smoother.  Here are a few photos of the party from last year.  I am getting more and more into the decorating of the party while my brother helps in the field growing the pumpkins, picking them, and bringing them up to the house.

Here is what my parents garage looks like when we are setting up.  I love their garage! I love having our gatherings there.  There is good lighting, plenty of space, and just an overall great place for our events!

They have a pool table that I love to decorate and spread tons of candy, goodies, and more on for all the kiddos to have!

I LOVED putting old face masks into jars of water! I just love how creepy they look!

I made some Ghost, Bat, and Witch Hat cutouts and placed them on lollipop sticks and put them in different jars with candy and such.

 This is one of my most favorites decorations.  Devin and I made this years ago.  It is a black box, wrapped with toilet paper and has 2 googly eyes :)

Every year I love freezing spiders in ice cube trays and water in gloved to put in the punch!

I also love making pumpkin face veggie platters :) Top one is carrots, broccoli and olives and bottom one is carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and ranch :)

I print a bunch of patterns out just in case someone wants to use them.

Here is a spider rings I wrapped in some web around a candle

At home I placed a wood BOO sign on an old ladder

And here is a burlap wreath I made and attached witched feet and a witches hat.

Hope you enjoyed! 

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