Friday, February 3, 2012

Coffee as a Wood Stain

Staining wood with coffee, have you heard about this?!  I didn’t believe it till I tried it!

Here is the pallet before I started

Here is the pallet after I started applying the coffee

Check out my pallet shelf for the finished product!

Strongly brewed coffee - I filled a coffee filter with a full pot worth of coffee grounds.  Then instead of pouring in water, I poured in 4 cups of left over coffee that hadn’t been drank.  Brew it and you have yourself some strong coffee! 

Brew your coffee like I mentioned above, or however you want to do it to get STRONG coffee.  Let it cool slightly, then just dip your brush in the coffee and paint your wood.  I let mine “puddle” on the wood which I think made it a little darker.  Let it dry and you have yourself a stained piece of wood!

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