Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blending using a Mason Jar

Ok, my love for mason jars just got greater! I have a blender that sits on my counter top and takes up space.  It isn’t used much because the thought of blending up something, just to pour into another jar, leaving me with an extra dish to clean, well, the thought is just bothersome.

BUT NOW... Who needs this...

When you can just do this...

When I stumbled across the idea from I thought,

genius!  No more extra dishes! I can now blend straight into the jar I want it in!

Once I heard about this I just had to try it!!! (I didn’t have anything fancy I needed to blend up so I just threw some oatmeal in to test it).

I made sure my hubby was around because the first thoughts that ran through my head was metal blades spinning, glass shattering, eyes bursting, blood everywhere!  .... No worries though, that didn’t happen... I still have every limb and body part and everything went smoothly. 

Here is what I did:

Step 1:     Remove the base from your regular blender to get this:

Step 2:     Test your blender top with your jar.  Not all blenders are the same.  I pulled out a wide mouth jar and realized that didn’t work (pictured above).  My blender uses regular mouth jars (pictured below):

Step 3:     Add the items you want to blend into your mason jar and then screw on the base of the blender.

Step 4:     Place your jar onto your mixer, stand back a little, extend your arm so you are the farthest away as possible, cover your eyes with your free hand, and blend. Just kidding!  You don't need to stand back and cover your eyes :).  Although I did do that the first time, but there was no need to because IT WORKS!! No glass shattering, no problems, just smooth blending!

Step 5:     I added brown sugar and raisins to mine for an easy grab and go breakfast for the morning and then screwed on a lid!  Tada! One jar! No extra mess! 

OHHHH the ideas and possibilities running through my head!! Maybe a smoothie one morning?! mmmmm.....