Monday, July 6, 2015

Mason Jar Lid Toppers / Labels / Tags

So I came up with another idea!  They aren't stickers like a lot of the labels I saw.  These are made of card stock but they fit perfectly in wide mouth jars! I also have some that fit perfectly in regular mouth jars.  I think these would be perfect to fill with any spa type favor! 

OR fill them with sweet treats and use these!

It was PURE joy having you at my shower!

Its amazing how many new, creative, cute ideas you see AFTER you have an event :).  I thought I had some adorable ideas for my baby shower but I keep seeing and thinking of different things I would have loved to use! I was creating a tag for someone with an adorable quote for little hand sanitizers that said, "before you touch our little cutie please wipe away your cooties!" So adorable!  Then I placed the tag on a Purell hand sanitzer to send them a proof and thought PURE ..... that would work well for a hand sanitizer tag!  I looked around the internet hoping I wasn't copying anyone and I didn't see anything that had that on it! I think I came up with a pretty cute idea! What do you think?!
If you happen to be interested in purchasing these you can get these in my store here!