Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walgreen Seed Packets 3 for $1.00

The youngest and I drove to the local Walgreens last night to get milk, mechanical pencils, and a new binder for brother (when the top falls off I think it’s about time for a new oneJ).  On our way back to the school supplies we spotted seeds 3 for $1.00!!!! SCORE!!!! Even though we don’t have a very green thumb, we still like trying! J We went a little crazy and got all these…

In all of our excitement we forgot about the milkL… But we are super excited about planting the seeds!! J

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blending using a Mason Jar

Ok, my love for mason jars just got greater! I have a blender that sits on my counter top and takes up space.  It isn’t used much because the thought of blending up something, just to pour into another jar, leaving me with an extra dish to clean, well, the thought is just bothersome.

BUT NOW... Who needs this...

When you can just do this...

When I stumbled across the idea from simplyrecipes.com I thought,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pallet Shelf

I have been obsessed with pallets and jars latelyJ.
So many pallets, so many ideas, so little time! 

I did make time though for this little pallet shelf.  I just took a plain pallet (that I stained with coffee to make darker), hung it on the wall

and filled the “shelves”

Coffee as a Wood Stain

Staining wood with coffee, have you heard about this?!  I didn’t believe it till I tried it!

Here is the pallet before I started

Here is the pallet after I started applying the coffee

Check out my pallet shelf for the finished product!

Strongly brewed coffee - I filled a coffee filter with a full pot worth of coffee grounds.  Then instead of pouring in water, I poured in 4 cups of left over coffee that hadn’t been drank.  Brew it and you have yourself some strong coffee! 

Brew your coffee like I mentioned above, or however you want to do it to get STRONG coffee.  Let it cool slightly, then just dip your brush in the coffee and paint your wood.  I let mine “puddle” on the wood which I think made it a little darker.  Let it dry and you have yourself a stained piece of wood!