Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Resolution: Start a blog


New Year, new resolutions!  This year's resolution, start a blog! Over the years I have read a lot of blogs but it never crossed my mind to start my own.  Then this year I thought… why not?! I am always looking for new ideas, finding new ways to organize, craft, cook, bake, ect… Why not share my thoughts and finds with others that have similar interests?!  Maybe this way my (wonderfully sweet) hubby can take a break from pretending to be interested in the new ideas I have for organizing my craft space! Or the new baby bib, burp rag, and booties I made for the neighbor babyJ! I have to give it to him though; he does try really hard to be interested in my crafting and new ideas!  But let’s face it, I have a hard time showing interest in the shoot em’ up play station games he plays or that annoying little RC helicopter he likes to hover around my head! J But we love each other, even if not all our hobbies are the same.  That's all that matters!

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